Certificate Design
Certificate Design


Certificate Design

Custom Certificate Borders

Certificate Art

Certificate Borders

Certificate Border Sections

All Certificates In * Vector * Format

* Create a complete Custom Made Corporate Stock Certificates, then print as many stock certificates as you need.

* Custom type setting is available.

* A custom made - "One of a Kind" - certificate design is possible for a fee.

* Create an award certificate to signify the completion of a class or sporting event.

* Use a certificate as a funny gift, such as a certificate of graduation from a funny college.

* Customize the certificate so that it meets your particular needs.

* Sometimes you want to acknowledge something really special. A certificate is a permanent form of recognition. You can create a certificate design that expresses your appreciation for the job well done, the student or employee going beyond the call of duty.

* You could have a company award certificate, a company appreciation certificate, a certificate of authenticity designed just for your company or a custom stock certificate designed for your company.

These are the finest designs you can buy because you are getting a copy of the original Illustrator Certificate Art, in VECTOR format. The files are made with Illustrator. The files are best used by Illustrator, but Macromedia Freehand and CorelDraw can open and edit the files also.


Some of the certificates are complete certificate borders which cost more. Some others are certificate sections, so you will have to do some work with a program like Illustrator.

You will have to create a complete certificate with the border sections. So BE AWARE that some are border sections and some are complete certificates.

The complete certificates usually cost more than $50 and have the word "complete" in the title. They also show a complete image in the sample.


In fact this is the only web site that sells certificates in VECTOR format from the ORIGINAL ARTIST. ME. If you see similar designs on other web sites they got the art from me and are not allowed to sell the vector art.


Remember, if you are buying the art for your business, the cost is deductible from your taxes.


Total Custom Certificate Design is Available.

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Corporate Stock Certificate & LLC Certificates

All In VECTOR Format.

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To buy a certificate border

Just click the PayPal button and then type in the name and or number of the certificate border you want. If you want more than one border type in both names or numbers after you click the PayPal button.

Click the pay pal link and follow the instructions.

Each border is $25

unless noted otherwise.

Certificate Design
Certificate Design
Certificate Design
Certificate Design
Certificate Design
Certificate Design
Certificate Design
Custom Certificate Design
Certificate Design
Certificate Design
Certificate Design
Martial Arts Certificate Designs
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Certificate of Authenticity samples.
If you have a question you can contact me at this phone number: 541-389-1193. I am in Bend Oregon.
Certificate Design - Click to see larger Custom Certificate Design Sample.
New "Bank Note Certificate Parts" - All in VECTOR format for use in programs like Illustrator.
If you are interested ... see more certificates on page 2.
New "Bank Note Complete" is an Illustrator vector file. All the parts of the file are editable, you can change colors, positions, etc.
Click the Above Graphic for MORE Martial Arts Certificates in VECTOR foramt.