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Do you see anything wrong with this logo design? Scroll down.
Unprofessional logo design can get you into a position were you have to redo your logo. Now look at the original logo again.
Imagine you have your business cards, your letterhead and your signage all completed and then you discover that your logo is not quite sending the correct message for your business.
Logo design must take into consideration the placement and position of images in a logo, or those images can adversely affect the effectiveness of your logo. As you can see in the logo to the left, the images do not communicate the appropriate message.
Those pesky little figures can get you into the most compromising positions with your logo designs.
Those little figures are at it again. They just never seem to know when such activity is appropriate and when it is not. Logo figures should not have their pointy bits out, trying to poke other logo figures.
Sometimes it is not necessary to show how your product is to be used in the logo design.
In this case the logo design was destroyed by the lack of letter spacing. Running your letters together in a logo design can cause you problems with "readability". Just plain bad logo design.
Your personal problems should not be part of your logo design.
You have to be careful of cultural symbols that may translate badly into another culture. Or translate into an inappropriate message in your logo.
This is just another case of bad logo design. The logo designer should have not gone forward with this design, for this client. The image is just not a good image for this logo project. Maybe an X-Rated site, but not for an "Institute" of higher learning.
Now this is not so much a problem with the logo design, as a problem with the name of the company. People that name their companies, without taking into consideration the double meanings of some phrases, run the risk of having a very bad name for a food company.
Once again a poor choice for a logo symbol for the company involved. Or maybe the company is full of big dic*s, and the symbol is appropiate.

Either way, the symbol is not telling me something good about the company.

The symbol in this logo is telling me what? ... I should run for the door when the company arrives? Such "transactions" will drive you out of business?
How do they spell that company name? Transhit? That can't be right.
Another case of an image not fitting the company. The logo designer is just not paying attention to what he / she is drawing and the message the image is sending to the viewer. Bad logo design.
Those little logo figures are at it again. That must be why there are so many of them running around in logo designs. They keep making more.
How is that spelled? Sinkist? Maybe the logo figures above should be in this logo design?

This could be a subliminal message with this logo, so it could be what the client wanted. Squirting round object behind the words? The head on view of something squirting?

Hum, interesting.

Some products don't need to be drawn in the logo design. Some are best left to the viewer's imagination.
This logo design is just wrong. It was for a public baby changing / restroom, but the symbol is just wrong.
These symbols are odd, but the comments by the anonymous person writing on the wall make it funny.